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West Michigan Golf Show completes the Front Nine
by Art McCafferty

While many of our readers know Terry Moore as the editor of the Michigan Golfer magazine, to many others he is the person responsible for starting the West Michigan Golf Show some nine years ago. The show survived an icy weekend inaugural and has gone on to become one of the premier golf shows in the midwest.

Ford Field house supplies the venue for the event and it seems to be just about the right size. They were able to add room for about another 10 booths this year and make it all the cozier. The WMGS is fun, because you can park your car, take in the show and then take in Grand Rapids. GR is a great city which has a lot to offer those visiting it.

This year's show was headlined by Dean Reinmuth, courtesy of Yonex Golf and Dr. Deborah Graham, a psychologist who was sponsored by Ladies of the Club. However, the person that almost stole the show was Tim Watson. Watson, out putted 25 other golfers to get the opportunity to putt for $10,000. With hundreds watching, he rolled the 60 footer toward the hole and it just lipped the cup.

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The West Michigan Golf Show, held Feb.28-March 2 in Grand Rapids saw huge and happy crowds for the 9th annual event. Over 120 exhibitors participated in the consumer-oriented Show held at the Ford Fieldhouse. Headliners included Dean Reinmuth, golf guru and instructor to Phil Mickelson and Dave Stockton, and golf psychologist Dr. Deborah Graham. Exhibitor comments afterwards were enthusiastic:

"Well, you did it again! Only you did it better," said Carol Potter of the Cadillac Area Visitors Bureau. "From the friendly welcome, to the awesome crowds...the organization...I thank you!"

"Best local show I've been to in Michigan. On a scale of 1 to 5, this was a 5," said Yonex Golf rep Bill Post.

"The WMGS is always one of our top shows. This year was terrific once again, " said Pat Burns of Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday.

The organizers of the event also conduced random exit surveys of patrons attending the Show. The results included the following information:

  1. The overall mean average rating of the Show on a scale of 1-5 (excellent) was 4.2, with nearly a third of the patrons rating it a 5.
  2. Of those surveyed, 100% said they would attend again next year.
  3. Are you more likely to book a golf package? 75% said yes.
  4. Are you more likely to buy new equipment or apparel? 73% said yes.
  5. Did you buy any merchandise at the Show? 62% said yes.
  6. Percentage college grad or more? 74%

Finally, exhibitors' evaluations indicated:

  1. Overall rating of show on a scale of 1-5 was: 4.4, with 62% of evaluations rating it a 5.
  2. Quality of traffic: 4.2
  3. Overall management, set-up, organization: 4.2
  4. Comments & suggestions were very positive. Exhibitors like our hours, the floor layout, promotion, break room, hospitality, food service. Improvements were suggested in announcements, trash removal, and possibly even a bigger venue.

The West Michigan Golf Show was presented by the West Michigan GMC Dealers and sponsored by Century Cellunet, TV-13 ABC, Orson E Coe Pontiac/GMC and Michigan Golfer. For more information, call 616-247-1931.

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