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June 15 , 2007 - Vol. 7, No. 24

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Courses: Ridgeview, Manistee National, Black Forest, Otsego Club, Medalist, Grand Blanc GC

2007 Season Preview Videos
Manistee National- with Doug Bell  http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/manisteepreview/index.html 
Otsego Club- with Mark Hogan http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/otsegopreview/

Web: Golf Packages http://www.grandtraverseresort.com/index.php/do/Golf_Packages
Web: Michigan PGA Open http://michigan.pga.com/index.cfm?listid=325&action=details&option=
2007 Season Preview with Larry Bowden 
Web:  Golf Packageshttp://www.thenaturalgolf.com/rates.php
Video of The Natural Golf Course: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/natural/
Spring Stay & Play packages start at just $69.95 per person/per night. 

2007 Season Preview with Kevin McKinley http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/treetopspreview/
Web: Golf Packages  http://treetops.com/index.php?method=golf&subpage=golfpackages
Video: Robert Trent Jones and his Masterpiece: 	

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* Note, The Michigan Golfer Television site is down due to a power surge that fried some 
data discs at our ISP.  The channel is supposed to be back online, by this weekend. 


Atwood- Antrim Dells
Mike  Morrical and his staff continue to make this golf course one of the top golf values 
in Northern Michigan.  This four star Golf Digest "Courses to Play" looked in 
great shape to start the summer season http://www.antrimdellsgolf.com/

Bellaire-Seven Courses Seven Miles
David Rowe is bullish about the future of Bellaire Golf.  The region has recently combined 
some of their marketing resources this year for their "Seven Courses Within Seven 
Miles"  theme.  The seven; The Chief, Hawk's Eye, Schuss Mountain, Cedar River, The 
Legend, Bellaire Golf Club and The Summit provide the golfer with some unique golfing  
opportunities within that community. Rowe also indicated that a new par-3 course, designed 
by Canadian architect John Robinson, could be ready for 2008.

Hawk's Eye, the newest of the "Seven" has been well received by golfer and home 
buyer alike.  Rowe indicated, that despite some tough times, Hawk's Eye, has developed 
quite well as a golfing community.

Boyne Falls
We stopped by to grab a cold one in Everett's but settled for one in Pierson's, actually 
the busiest bar at the Boyne Mountain complex. We also checked out the activity at 
Avalanche Bay, and saw 40-50 kids dodging the heat in this water wonderland. Boyne 
Mountain will be hosting its Tournament of Champions on July 23.

Kewadin-A-Ga-Ming-Torch and Sundance
A-Ga-Ming is a busy place these days as they continue to work toward next year and the 
unveiling  of their new clubhouse.  We toured both the new Sundance and the venerable 
Torch courses.  Sundance has been maturing and is as special now as when I walked the dirt 
with architect Jerry Matthews a couple of years ago.  The Torch, a Chick Harbert design,  
will have its 10th hole, formerly the 1st hole returned to a par three and the 18th 
lengthened  to a par five.  The former driving range is now part of an emerging complex 
that will cater to weddings and other special purpose groups that will avail themselves of 
one of the great views in Michigan.

Andrew Ruthkoski, a 24 year old touring professional,  made par on 17 and then watched 
Scott Hayes lip out on his par attempt to drop out of a tie for the lead.  Ruthkoski made 
that one shot lead hold up on the 18th to capture the 90th edition of the Michigan Open. 
He shot a 12 under par of the tournament. More on http://michigan.pga.com

Al Watrous 1949, 1943, 1930, 1929, 1927, 1926
Scott Hebert 2006, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1997
Randy Erskine 1985, 1984, 1978, 1979, 1976
John Barnum 1961, 1960 1958, 1950
Chick Harbert 1953, 1948, 1942, 1937
Walter Burkemo 1970, 1957, 1955, 1951	
Chuck Kocsis 1946, 1945, 1931
Marvin Stahl 1939, 1938, 1936	
Steve Brady 1996, 1992, 1991
Buddy Whitten 1983, 1982

Michigan Golfer Archives
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1996 Jeff Roth by Jack Berry
	Web:  http://webgolfer.com/september/brady.html
1997 Scott Hebert by Kelly Hill 
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	Web: http://michigangolfer.com/sept04/sept0904-12.pdf
2005 Michael Harris by Michael Patrick Shiels 
	Web: http://michigangolfer.com/sept05/sept0905_14-16.pdf
2006 Scott Hebert by Jack Berry 
	Web: http://michigangolfer.com/fall06/fall06_16.pdf
In last week's newsletter, we reported the findings of The First Tee as reported in their 
annual report.  The report alluded to the 1.5 million young golfers the program has  
serviced since its start five years ago.  While the national organization seems healthy, 
wealthy and wise, there are signs that some Michigan programs are far from that.  The 
Michigan programs received some start up money from the First Tee organization, but are 
now on their own.

The First Tee of Michigan
An extremely successful program under the direction of Liza Woodcox, the Detroit chapter 
helped spark the growth of other chapters in Michigan.  However, times are very 
challenging now. The chapter's major sponsor, Ford Motor Company, has stopped its funding 
and many other corporations have cut back.  The program is set for this year on  very bare 
bones budget.

The First Tee of Michigan has one of the best facilities in the country for this type of 
program, at Belle Isle.  Rick Smith was the site architect of the teaching facility and is 
still the crown jewel. The program also offers golf and camps for their 1500 + students at 
the following facilities.

City of Detroit
Rackham G.C.
Rouge Park G.C.
Palmer Park G.C.
Chandler Park G.C.
Belle Isle Practice Center

Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority
Huron Meadows
Wolcott Mill
Stony Creek
Indian Springs
Metro Beach

Oakland County Parks & Recreation
Lyon Oaks
Springfield Oaks
Glen Oaks
White Lake Oaks
Red Oaks (for league play only)

The First Tee of Battle Creek has been adopted by the Battle Creek Parks and Recreation 
Departments and their main teaching station is Binder Park.  This program was started by 
First Tee of Michigan and then spun off.

The First Tee of Benton Harbor
The Boy and Girls Clubs of Benton Harbor/St. Joseph have taken over the program with some 
strong financial support by the Whirlpool Corporation.  

The First Tee of Lansing, is in the process of being spun off, with its main teaching 
facility at Sycamore Hills GC.

The First Tee of Boyne Highlands
Now in its second full year, the Boyne program seems to be robust in its financing and 
service. New First Tee director, Shauna Bezilla, has a strong teaching team, with Brian 
O'Neil of Boyne and Shaun Bezilla of Harbor Point volunteering their time. In addition, 
the teaching team is supplemented by some Boyne interns or assistant professionals.  We 
did a short video on their program last year.  http://michigangolfer.tv/2006shows/firsttee
The First Tee of Boyne Highlands supporters include Walmart The Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, The Buzzelli Family Foundation, and  many other individual sponsors and businesses. Liza Woodcox wanted to make double sure, that people understood, that they are an independent entity and while times a tad lean, they are soldering on. The have a new development people on board to chase money and sponsorships, to keep the program going and growing.  They fully realize that the day of the big benefactor is past for now, and that them must attract smaller benefactors  in these economic times. ==================================================================== KUHL AND SEQUITE TAKE INAUGURAL GAM SENIOR FOUR-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP ==================================================================== BAD AXE, MI -- The inaugural GAM Senior Four-Ball Championship Tournament was held at the classic Verona Hills Golf Club in Bad Axe. This Buick Open sponsored, two-day tournament brought together male senior amateur golfers from around Michigan in teams of two to face off in a 36-hole stroke play competition.  Four-Ball Stroke Play, also referred to as "Best Ball" play, consists of competitors playing in teams of two, each teammate playing their own ball, with the lower gross score of the partners being the team score for each hole.  Leaders after the first day were the John French and Pete Green team as well as the Roger Kuhl and Michael Sequite team, tying with scores of 69. Following close behind were the Bell-McDonald, Johnson-Arey, and Humphrey-Alverson teams, all posting 70s.  On the second day, Roger Kuhl and Michael Sequite overtook the team of John French and Pete Green for the title of first ever GAM Senior Four-Ball Champions.  Taken and edited from a GAM release http://gam.org ============================================= THE 2006 GOLFER BASE REPORT CARD: MiXED BAG ============================================== With the recent release of the annual consumer survey from the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA),  Pellucid Corporation had the opportunity to dissect what happened to the consumer base in 2006 and it's a mixed report card: 1. Golfers and participation: The number of golfers dropped slightly in 2006 vs. 2005 and that, in conjunction with population growth of just under 1% for the year, translated into a lower participation rate for golf 2. Frequency (rounds per golfer): Surprisingly, we increased frequency marginally in 2006 compared to 2005. Looking at the changes in involvement levels however would suggest that the median frequency probably declined again and remains below 10 rds/golfer/year 3. Involvement (Committeds, Involveds and Casuals): We saw a slight increase in the Casuals (1-9 rounds/yr) as a percent of total golfers at the expense of the higher involvement groups 4. The summary measure of golf consumer franchise output we created, called Play Rate (rounds per capita or HH per year), decreased slightly in 2006 vs. 2005 primarily due to the fact that the marginal increase frequency was more than offset by the decrease in golfers despite population growth 5. Encouragingly, the consumer survey results are directionally in sync with the rounds demand report although they continue to overstate the frequency variable by roughly 10%. This increases our confidence that we have corroborating vs. conflicting pieces of information regarding these key industry metrics Taken and edited from a Pellucid Corporation release http://www.pellucidcorp.com ============================================ TOP 10 TOUGHEST MICHIGAN COURSES...TO SPELL ============================================ Kincheloe Memorial GC Scalawags CC Wequetonsing Golf Club Washakie Golf & RV Resort Blythefield Country Club Dunmaglas GC Les Cheneaux Club & Golf Link Wawashkamo Golf Club Meceola  Golf Club Gogebic Country Club Ye Nyne Olde Holes Idylwyld Golf Course Alwyn Downs Golf Course (Public) Lyopawa Island Golf Course (Semi-Private) ============================================== "THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND, THIS LAND IS MY LAND... ============================================== Based on its latest research, the National Golf Foundation (NGF) estimates that that as many as 300 golf facilities changed hands in the past 12 months. The estimate is based on routine calls to verify data at golf facilities during which respondents were asked whether the facility was sold in the past year. Through the first five months of 2007, NGF identified 88 facilities that were sold out of a total 4,655 calls, or 1.9%. This extends to about 300 total facilities nationwide. Looking at recent transactions in 22 states, facilities were more likely to be daily fee, real estate-related, 18-hole stand-alone, newer rather than older, and with a peak season green fee of $30-$39. Taken from a NSGA release http://nsga.org ================ ONE LESS GOLFER ================ Dear Tide:,       I am writing to say what an excellent product you have! I've used it, all of my married life,  as my Mom always told me it was the best. Now that I, am in my fifties I find it even better! In fact,  about a month ago,  I, spilled some red wine on my new white blouse. My inconsiderate and uncaring, husband started to belittle me about how clumsy I was,  and generally started, becoming a pain in the neck. One thing led to another and somehow I ended up, with his blood on my new white blouse and his favorite putter. I grabbed my bottle of Tide with, bleach alternative,  and to my surprise and satisfaction,  all of the stains, came out! In fact,  the stains came out so well the detectives who came by, yesterday told me that the DNA tests on my blouse were negative and then my, attorney called and said that I was no longer considered a suspect in the, disappearance of my husband.,    What a relief! Going through menopause is bad enough without being a, murder suspect! I thank you,  once again,  for having a great product.,       Well,  gotta go,  have to write to the Hefty bag people. ============ SURVEY SAYS ============ We received a missive from Susan Tait, alerting us to a study that she recently completed.  These are results of a 2006 study of 174 MPGA teaching professionals. The purpose of the 60 variable survey was to look at the golf community as a whole: 1. to understand the role of golf fitness with teaching professionals performance 2. teaching pro’s exercise practices and those of their clients 3. their recommendations for clients to improve their game 4. the effect of economic challenges on golf club membership  How do these four points affect golf clubs and teaching professionals? What advantages could they offer their clients? Professional touring golfers obviously engage in a fitness routine to stay at the top of their game and injury free, but most golfers do not. I realized the best resource to convey the message about fitness, a proven way to score better, reduce a player’s chance of injury, promote more play, and stay competitive, was golf teaching professionals. It’s all about delivering up to date proven services and having a place to play golf, a sense of community, a place to meet your friends. Some exciting results of the survey showed that: -90% of golf teaching professionals agree that fitness is important to their golf performance -97% felt that fitness affects their performance on the golf course -72% said that 70-100% of their clients would improve their game with more flexibility -70% thought that the country club image needed to change to attract more members by becoming a more family friendly atmosphere I would like the chance to speak to you more about the enlightening results of this survey. I think it would benefit not only regular golfers, but also other teaching professionals, and the overall golf community. If golfers knew what the teaching professionals recommended to improve their game and decrease injuries, they might spend 20 minutes a couple of times a week on their fitness and have the advantage to score better. For more info on the survey contact Susan Tait susantait5@comcast.net ==================================== 2007 MICHIGAN GOLFER CALENDAR-JUNE ==================================== JUNE 15 Orchard Lake St. Mary's 55th Annual Flounder's Day, Friday 7:00 a.m. to Midnight For tickets for more information call (248) 683-0411 16    MIAGT at Twin Lakes GC,  Oakland    http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 12-13 9th GAM Women's Mid-Amateur -Edgewood Country Club http://gam.org 19    Michigan Players Tour -Angel;s Crossing, Vioksburg http://michiganplayertour.com 19-23  96th Michigan Amateur-Red Run Golf Club http://gam.org 23  Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Mulberry Hill GC,Bloomfield Hills http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 25-27- 29th Michigan Girls Junior State Amateur  -Owosso Country Club http://gam.org 26-27  Michigan Players Tour -The Ravines, Saugatuck   http://michiganplayertour.com 26-7-1  Buick Open, Warwick Hills G &  CC, Grand Blanc          http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/r035/ 28-30  The Hickory Open, Belvedere CC http://www.belvederegolfclub.com/ 30    MIAGT at Devils Ridge GC,  Oxford    http://www.miagt.com/Schedule ========================================================== SPRING ISSUE OF THE MICHIGAN GOLFER MAGAZINE NOW ONLINE Vol 25. No. 1 http://www.michigangolfer.com/april07/index.html ========================================================== CONTENTS: Jack Berry and the PGA Lifetime Journalism Award-By Terry Moore http://michigangolfer.com/april07/spring0407_3-6.pdf Mike Biber and Osprey SA by Jack Berry http://michigangolfer.com/april07/spring0407_11-14.pdf Gaylord Golf Mecca Celebrates its 20th Anniversary-Art McCafferty http://michigangolfer.com/april07/spring0407_7-10.pdf Tom Bendelow Remembered-Art McCafferty   http://michigangolfer.com/april07/spring0407_18.pdf President Ford Left His Ski and Golf Legacy at Beaver Creek-by Mike Shiels http://michigangolfer.com/april07/spring0407_15-17.pdf http://www.michigangolfer.com/april07/index.html Sponsored by    Osprey Golf  http://www.golfospreyonline.com/page/290-12546.htm    Treetops Resort http://treetops.com    The Natural http://golfthenatural.com     =============================== 2007 MICHIGAN GOLFER CALENDAR =============================== JULY 3   Michigan Players Tour -King's Challenge GC, Cedar http://michiganplayertour.com 7   Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Dunham HIlls GC, Hartland http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 10-11  Michigan Players Tour -Grand Traverse Resort-Acme http://michiganplayertour.com 10-14  91st Michigan Women's Amateur Egypt Valley Country Club http://gam.org 14   MIAGT at Captains Club GC, Grand Blanc  http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 14       Michigan Women's Open Pro-Am, Crystal Mountain Resort  http://crystalmountain.com , Thompsonville 16-18  Michigan Women's Open  Crystal Mountain Resort  http://crystalmountain.com , Thompsonville 16-19  29th Michigan Junior State Amateur Prestwick Village Golf Club      http://gam.org 17   Michigan Players Tour -Lakewood Shores Resort, Oscoda http://michiganplayertour.com 20-21       Boyne's Tournament of Champions Pro Am, Boyne Mountain http://boyne.com 21   Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Copper Hills GC, Oxford http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 23-25       Boyne's Tournament of Champions, Boyne Mountain                 http://boyne.com 24   5th GAM Junior Two-Person Team-Great Oaks Country Club http://gam.org 24-25  Michigan Players Tour -Otsego Club, Gaylord http://michiganplayertour.com 28    MIAGT at Cattails GC,South Lyon    http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 28-29  2-Day State Championship  Hunters Ridge GC , Howell http://www.mwgolf.org/ 30-8-5  105th Western Amateur, Point O'Woods G&CC,  Benton Harbor http://www.thewesternamateur.com/ 31     Michigan Players Tour - Yarrow Golf and Conference,Augusta http://michiganplayertour.com AUGUST 6-7  86th GAM Championship -Walnut Hills Country Club http://gam.org 7-8   Michigan Players Tour -Thousand Oaks, Grand Rapids http://michiganplayertour.com 9-10  Michigan State Junior Golf Championship, Shanty Creek Resort http://shantycreek.com 10-12   The Club Men's Golf Championships, Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, Acme Web: http://grandtraverseresort.com 11  MIAGT at The Majestic  GC,   Hartland  http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 13-14   16th GAM Women's Championship- Saginaw Country Club http://gam.org 14   Michigan Players Tour -The Grande, Jackson http://michiganplayertour.com 16 MGCOA Golf Outing and Supplier Day, Gull Lake View, Augusta                 http://mgcoa.org 18  Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Greystone GC, Romeo http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 21-22   Michigan Players Tour Canadian Lakes, Stanwood http://michiganplayertour.com 25    4-Woman “Trifecta”  NEW EVENT "War Of The Leagues"  Salem Hills  GC     Northville  http://www.mwgolf.org/ 24-26  MPSGA  State Seniors Open Amateur Championship, Hawk Hollow and Eagle Eye, Bath 25  Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Devil's Ridge GC, Metamora http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 25  MIAGT at  Boulder Pointe  GC,  Oxford    http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 27-28  11th GAM Women's Senior-Grand Traverse Resort - Spruce Run http://gam.org 28    Michigan Players Tour - UAW Black Lake, Onaway http://michiganplayertour.com SEPTEMBER 3   Detroit Red Wings Training Camp Charity Golf Outing, Grand Traverse Resort &  Spa, Acme Web: http://grandtraverseresort.com 4-5   Michigan Players Tour -Shanty Creek, Bellaire http://michiganplayertour.com 8    MIAGT at Sugarbush GC,  Davison  http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 8  Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Coyote Preserve GC, Hartland http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 11   Michigan Players Tour -Lakes of Taylor, Taylor http://michiganplayertour.com 11-12 PGA Fall Expo, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas                 http://pgamerchandiseshow.com 13 Washtenaw Community College Scholarship Fund, Washtenaw CC Contact: Dennis Doyle 734-995-7281 18-19   Michigan Players Tour -Treetops Village, Gaylord http://michiganplayertour.com 22  Golf Channel Amateur Tour-Eagle Eye GC, Lansing http://www.thegolfchannel.com/amateurtour/?v.pos=548&h.pos=0 22    MAIGT at Coyote Preserve GC, Fenton          http://www.miagt.com/Schedule 25     Michigan Players Tour -Forest Dunes, Roscommon http://michiganplayertour.com OCTOBER 1  GAM Chrysler Club Championship - Men Eagle Eye Golf Club http://gam.org 1- GAM Chrysler Club Championship - Women- Hawk Hollow Golf Course http://gam.org 2-3   Michigan Players Tour -Hawk Hollow Resort, Bath http://michiganplayertour.com 7    MIAGT at The Orchards GC,  Romeo     http://www.miagt.com/Schedule NOVEMBER 16-18      17th Annual Indiana Golf Show, Blue Ribbon Pavilion, Indiana State Fairgrounds                 http://golfexpos.com =============================== 2008 MICHIGAN GOLFER CALENDAR =============================== JANUARY 17-19 PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando http://www.pgamerchandiseshow.com/ FEBRUARY 22-24- 20th Anniversary West Michigan Golf Show, Grand Rapids, DeVos Center MARCH 7-9 Michigan Golf Show, Rock Financial Showplace, Novi http://michigangolfshow.com 14-16 Lansing Golf Show, Lansing Center, Lansing http://michigangolfshow.com ======================================================== COURSE VIDEOS ON MICHIGAN GOLFER & YOU TUBE TELEVISION ======================================================== Buck's Run with Jerry Matthews   GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2006shows/bucksrun/ *Harbor Point GC with Shaun Bezilla   GLSPVideo: http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/harborpoint/   You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBcAwcgu-EU *Hemlock Golf Club with John Kennedy   GLSP Video  http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/hemlock/index.html   You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvZC6-aUvWk Rose Creek-with Arthur Hills and Steve Forrest    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2004shows/rosecreek/index.html  Timberstone @ Pine Mountain with Jerrty Matthews    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/timberstone/ *The Bull at Pinehurst with Jack Nicklaus    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2003shows/thebull/index.html    You Tube http://youtube.com/watch?v=4IhWyADkGoU *The Heather at Boyne Highlands    GLSP http://michigangolfer.tv/2006shows/boynegolf/heather/    You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16eijvNKfSQ *The Loon Golf Course with Mike Husby    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/Loon/index.html    You Tube http://youtube.com/watch?v=qyFYB4GfwLw *The Majestic at Lake Walden with Jerry Matthews    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/majestic/   You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUVXolhXROg *The Natural at Gaylord with Jerry Matthews    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/natural/    You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4nKgMii7QM *True North with Jack Berry and Jim Engh    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/truenorth/    You Tube http://youtube.com/watch?v=8xB_ne5wG34 *The Tribute with Gary Koch, Rick Robbins and Keith Gornick    GLSP Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/tribute/    You Tube http://youtube.com/watch?v=vEKkWCxAgyA *Wild Bluff Golf Course     GLSP http://michigangolfer.tv/2002shows/show6/     You Tube http://youtube.com/watch?v=c9BfiJ7Gv38 ================== ASSOCIATION LINKS ================== American Association of Golf Course Architects   http://asgca.org Golf Association of Michigan   http://www.gam.org/ Golf Course Superintendents Association of America   http://www.gcsaa.org Michigan Section PGA    http://www.Michigan.PGA.com Michigan Golf Course Owners Association   http://mgcoa.org Michigan High School Athletic Association   http://www.mhsaa.com/ Michigan Interscholastic Golf Coaches Association   http://migca.org Michigan Publinx Seniors Golf Association   http://mpsga.net Michigan Women's Golf Association   http:// www.mwgolf.org. 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