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June 29, 2007 - Vol. 7, No. 25
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GOLF OSPREY Courses: Ridgeview, Manistee National, Black Forest, Otsego Club, Medalist, Grand 
Blanc GC

2007 Season Preview Videos
Manistee National- with Doug Bell  http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/manisteepreview/index.html 
Otsego Club- with Mark Hogan http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/otsegopreview/
2007 Season Preview with Larry Bowden 
Web:  Golf Packageshttp://www.thenaturalgolf.com/rates.php
Video of The Natural Golf Course: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/natural/
Spring Stay & Play packages start at just $69.95 per person/per night. 

2007 Season Preview with Kevin McKinley http://michigangolfer.tv/2007shows/treetop
Web: Golf Packages  http://treetops.com/index.php?method=golf&subpage=golfpackages Video: Robert Trent Jones and his Masterpiece:  http://michigangolfer.tv/2001shows/show21/index.html GLSP INTERNET TELEVISION NETWORK-**SHOWS NOW APPEARING ON YOU TUBE Michigan Golfer Television http://michigangolfer.tv Michigan Runner Television http://michiganrunner.tv         Michigan Skier Television http://miohiganskier.tv         Michigan Travel Television http://michigantravel.tv         Running Canada http://runningcanada.tv         GLSP  http://glsp.com         You Tube http://youtube.com Year to date network viewership 1,291,711         Edited by Art McCafferty-Producer/Publisher, GLSP Email    artmccaf@glsp.com _/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/ __/__/ __/ __/ __/ __/ JUNE CALENDAR __/ MGN ON THE ROAD       Atlanta-Elk Rapids       Gaylord- Golf Mecca            Treetops, Mountain Lake, Michaywe, Garland, The Natural, Otsego Club and Garland       Grayling-Fox Run       Kewadin-Antrim Dells GC       Lewiston-Garland       Royal Oak- Red Run GC       St. Clair- Pine Shores GC __/ GOT iPHONE? __/ TREETOPS LADIES GOLF SCHOOL __/ PAR-3 SHOOTOUTS CONTINUE AT TREETOPS __/ WILL WEBER FOLLOW UP __/ MEIJER TO SPONSOR 2007 LPGA PRO AM AT HIGHLAND GOLF CLUB-JULY 16 __/ JULY IS FAMILY GOLF MONTH __/ MSU WORKING ON HYBRID DISEASE AND DROUGHT RESISTANCE GRASSES __/ BOYNE RAISES THE BAR ON MARKETING THEIR RESORT AMENITIES __/ GOLF EQUIPMENT SALES INCREASE IN 2006 __/ SCOTT HEBERT QUALIFIES FOR PGA CHAMPIONSHIP __/ MICHIGAN GOLFER SUMMER  ISSUE PREVIEW __/ COURSE VIDEOS ON MICHIGAN GOLFER & YOU TUBE TELEVISION __/ ASSOCIATION LINKS __/ GLSP TELEVISION NETWORK __/ UPCOMING SHOWS ON MICHIGAN GOLFER TELEVISION __/ MICHIGAN GOLF CALENDAR __/ ARCHIVES-MICHIGAN GOLFER-MICHIGAN'S GOLF PORTAL ==================================== 2007 MICHIGAN GOLFER CALENDAR-JUNE ==================================== JUNE 29-7-1  Buick Open, Warwick Hills G &  CC, Grand Blanc          http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/r035/ 29-30  The Hickory Open, Belvedere CC http://www.belvederegolfclub.com/                 See our 2005 coverage at Kingsley Golf Club at  Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2006shows/wiren/ 30    MIAGT at Devils Ridge GC,  Oxford    http://www.miagt.com/Schedule ================= MGN ON THE ROAD ================= Atlanta- Elk Ridge GC I estimate that I have put foot on over 800 golf courses since I started the MG 25 years ago.  I admit, some were at dusk or dawn and the visit was short, but I still tried to walk away with a photo, video, handshake or good word from being there.  Since getting involved with video, I seem to be starting over.  I was at the May 1991 opening of Elk Ridge and accompanied Dave Richards and Golf Digest's Ron Whitten around the course.  Jerry Matthews, the designer, was on hand to point out the decisions that went into the routing of the course and any other decision that was pertinent to his work. It was a beautiful course and the nearest town, was Atlanta, then and now known as the Elk capital of Michigan. Not a lot has changed in the past 16 years, the course is still spectacular and civilization has only made modest inroads since then.  While Jon Maddern is not the superintendent there anymore, his legacy for golf course maintainance  lives on. To use a word, the course looked pristine in the morning light. The clubhouse is spectacular in its appearance and the entranceway gives one a quiet and leisurely look at the nature as you wind through the forest leading to the clubhouse.  If you have never golfed this course, do yourself a favor and do so.  Elk Ridge one of Michigan's great treasures.  And, if you would like another opinion, you can look at the awards they have won at http://www.elkridgegolf.com/awards.htm ----------- ***Gaylord Golf Mecca*** ----------- Marsh Ridge and The Natural Larry Bowden and his staff at Marsh Ridge and The Natural are celebrating the 15th birthday of The Natural, one of Jerry Matthews award winning designs http://michigangolfer
   Bowden was cautiously optimistic about his business being up over a year ago, certainly a hopeful trend.  As the locals know, if there is a way to make money, you will find Bowden somewhere nearby.   Bowden sold the Beaver Creek Resort a few years ago and bought the storied Marsh Ridge property, sans the golf course.  He is in the process of converting  the existing lodging into condominiums.  Even in a slow economy, he is moving these completely renovated and spectacular renovated buildings. Marsh Ridge has always been a special address in the Gaylord area. Golf Packages  http://www.thenaturalgolf.com/rates.php ------------ Michaywe Judy Mason, the Director of Golf,  has been a steadying influence at Michaywe since she left her Boyne position to take over the helm. This is where she first learned the game of golf and in a sense has returned home.  The course has undergone some change since she learned to golf on it.  Don Childs, a long time Michigan golf architect, originally did the course and returned a couple of years ago to bring it up to today's standards.  I met with Child's about a month ago, and he revealed how great it was to be able to revisit a design and to make the needed changes.  http://michaywe.com ------------- Mountain Lake GC Formerly, The Lakes GC, this Jerry Matthews designed course is now under new ownership.  Dan Webster, former golf professional at Gaylord CC is one of the partners.  Webster, who also owns a golf specialty store in town, is now concentrating on the locals.  The course was shut down last year, while new ownership was found, and now has to basically start over from scratch. The Lakes was originally under Michaywe management, then was leased to Keith Gornick and the Otsego Club.  After the Otsego Club sold off The Loon they also cut their lease with The Lakes.  The Lakes then reverted back to the original ownership, who let  Michaywe manage it.  The new owners took over at the beginning of this year. http://www.mountainlakegolf.com/ ------------- Otsego Club Liquid Louie, barkeep at the famous Logmark at the Otsego Club, must be a happy camper.  When Mike Biber and the Osprey Management group bought the Otsego Club, they asked him how they could improve his area, the Logmark.  His retort was to build some entranceways to make it easier for the customers to more easily find the place within all the various building at the resort.  The Logmark had long been a locals hangout, because Liquid Louie always poured a healthy drink. Now with the new entranceways, new people are finding out what a neat place it is. Cheers. http://otsegoclub.com -------------- Treetops- As reported elsewhere in this newsletter, Treetops was hopping this week.   Rick Smith, the Managing General Partner, of Treetops was in town and meeting with his management team.  As stated, Rick and his team are hoping for a return of the Par-3 Shootout next year. Twenty  years ago, my partner Mike Duff and I  played a round of golf with Rick and his assistant prior to their opening of the course. I was totally blown away by the grandeur of the course and the personality of Rich Smith.  You could just tell he was on his way to bigger things.  I had the opportunity to tape the Grand Opening of Treetops and capture the magic of Robert Trent Jones during  an  interview  with him , owner Harry Melling and  Rick Smith. Our MG reporters, Terry Moore and Jack Berry, were on hand to fire off the questions.   For those interested, we have captured some of that magic of the Treetops Grand Opening in three shows.   Part I http://michigangolfer.tv/2001shows/show19/ Part II http://michigangolfer.tv/2001shows/show20/ Part III http://michigangolfer.tv/2001shows/show21/   Rick Smith http://www.ricksmith.com/pages/rshome.html Gene Bone II is now one of the professionals at Treetops.  Gene spent 21 years at the Links of Pinewood, Ernie Fuller's place in Union Lake.  Bone, started his new position in April and loves it so much, he  moved his family there.  He is trying to entice his mother and dad to move up as well.   As some of you may know, Gene Bone Sr. was a talented golfer in the 50's and 60's.  Gene Bone was elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame in 1988.He  has been victorious in every event sponsored by the Michigan PGA, including the State Pro?Pro, Pro-AM, and Pro-Assistant. He twice was Michigan Open Champion and Michigan PGA Champion. Bone was named Player of the Year in 1966 and the Golf Professional of the Year in 1976, the first ever to receive both honors in Michigan.† Some information taken from the Michigan Golf Foundation  http://michigan-golf-foundation.com/genebonefame.htm -------------- Grayling Fox Run CC Like many communities, Grayling is trying to make due in these challenging times. They are a little closer to the deal for a new  mega park ,Main Street USA, to be built in the area.   They have some issues with the DNR, but it should be a go after that.  They are excited about what the traffic that the  new amusement park will bring and the boost to the economy.  The golf in Grayling/Kalkaska is excellent and easy on the wallet. We have four of their courses on video, so if you are interested, view away. http://michigantravel.tv/2005grayling/ ----------------- Royal Oak- Red Run GC Ryan Brehm won the 96th Michigan Amateur at the Red Run Golf Club in Royal Oak. Brehm, said it was his biggest win, after having been runner up last year. His massive drives wore down fellow Spartan, Steve Cuzzort.  Check out the GAM story at http://gam.org/news.a
Red Run is really a terrific course.  It is a Willie Park Jr. design, which is pointed out in a plaque outside the clubhouse.  Willie Park Jr., left quite a legacy with  his work in Europe and then America.  He left his beloved Scotland after World War I slowed golf course development. True, a lot of bunkers were being dug during that time, but most had soldiers in them. He built over 70 golf courses in Canada and the U.S., with four of them in Michigan. He was a two time winner of The Open, now the British Open,  and designed over 160 golf courses. In addition, he wrote the first book on golf by a professional, "The Game of Golf". His most noted works include two golf courses in Golf Digest's Top 100 courses; No. 24 Olympic Fields in Illinois and No. 56 Maidstone Club  in East Hampton  N.Y.  In Canada, he landed four in the Top 50, Weston Golf & Country Club in Weston Ontario, Calgary Golf & Country Club in Calgary, Ottawa Hunt And Country Club in Ottawa and Beaconsfield Golf & Country Club in  Beaconsfield, Quebec. In Michigan his work include, the Flint Golf Club in 1910, Red Run in 1914, Meadowbrook CC in 1916 and Pine Lake GC in 1921. They are all special with Red Run and Meadowbrook still hosting major Michigan tournaments. http://www.redrungolfclub.com/main.php ------------ Lewiston - Garland Don White, now in his second year as the Director of Golf at Garland, had a full parking lot due to the success of their Couples Golf Tournament.  White  also spoke about  their upcoming Father and Son Tournament on July 29-31 and the new Women's Ultimate Golf Getaway from July 22-24.   Like many golf resorts in Michigan, Garland has struggled during the economic downturn. However, they are enjoying a good year and the new nine holes that will bring on next year, will be needed.  Also, the 450 acre parcel that Garland sold off a couple of years ago to bring in some needed revenue, has been bought back, to meet the need of people wanting to live there. The sale of Garland lodging remains strong. Also new this year, is the introduction of the Garland Inquirer http://garlandinquirer.com
  This is a fun publication that spoofs life at Garland while also making some salient points. For instance, one story was about a special USGA study on the amazing amount of hole-in-ones at Garland. While tongue in cheek, the story did point out that designer Ron Otto, designed a couple of his layouts with six packs of par fives, par fousr and par threes.  Thus, if you have more opportunities to hit from a par three tee, the more chance you have of getting a hole in one. Barry Owens and Fred Bauer head up the management team at Garland. Ron Otto, owner, has taken a quieter role, but has continued his design work. http://garlandusa.com ---------- St. Clair- Pine Shores GC In 1930, Fred Hunter got together some local folks and built a golf course in this double river town.  The Pine River surrounds the course as it flows into the St. Clair River.  Pine Shores is a nine hole layout that has remained basically unchanged over the years.  The clubhouse is another thing, having been razed seven years ago and a new one built.  They have a bronze statue outside the clubhouse that  was put there to celebrate the club's 75th birthday a couple of years ago. ============ GOT iPHONE? ============ The new iPhone, "When in its U.S.B. charging cradle, the iPhone slurps in music, videos and photos from your Mac or PC. Photos, movies and even You Tube videos look spectacular on the bright 3.5 very-high-resolution screen." Matching the Ballyhoo, Mostly-New York Times, June 27, 2007, GLSP has put up over 100 You Tube videos on golf, travel, skiing and running events.  These are all now available for your iPhone. Enjoy. Golf Courses Now Available for your new iPhone Harbor Point Golf Club with Shaun Bezilla Hemlock Golf Club with John Kennedy The Heather at Boyne Highlands with Jack Berry and Bernie Friedrich The Loon Golf Course with Mike Husby The Majestic at Lake Walden with Jerry Matthews and Bill Fountain The Natural and Marsh Ridge with Jerry Matthews and Larry Bowden Timberstone Golf Club with Jerry Matthews True North Golf Club with Jack Berry and Jim Engh The Tribute with Gary Koch, Rick Robbins and Keith Gornick Treetops with Robert Trent Jones Wild Bluff Golf Course with Mike Husby Golf Course Videos Coming in 2008 Antrim Dells Golf Course with Jerry Matthews Buck's Run Golf Course with Jerry Matthews Candlestone Golf Course with Mike Husby *Sundance at A-Ga-Ming with Jerry Matthews The Emerald at Maple Creek with Jerry Matthews *The Torch at A-Ga-Ming GLSP-Michigan's Golf Portal http://glsp.com *Tentative ============================= TREETOPS LADIES GOLF SCHOOL ============================= When one talks of the people involved in the Gaylord Golf Mecca, Judy Mason, teacher extraordinaire of Treetops Ladies Golf School, would certainly  be in the conversation.  This year, her 10 classes will average 25+ students a session. She is one of the top recognized golf instructors in Michigan. This week was alumni week, as past students from her decade of teaching, returned for this Tuesday thru Friday golf school.  The school started off with a welcome party at the Broken Club Bar at Treetops.  On Wednesday, students had a morning skull session, had their swings videotaped and then it was out on the golf course for the first of their three 18 hole rounds of golf.  Thursday, saw the breakdown of video, with Judy and six other Treetops professionals, chipping and full swing drills and then out on the course again.  Friday, more morning lessons, with the class done at 11:00 and a final round of golf, before returning  to their homes around the state. I did not see a lot of apples from the students, but there were a lot of hugs.  http://www.treetops.com/index.php?method=golf&subpage=ladiesgolfschool ======================================= PAR-3 SHOOTOUTS CONTINUE AT TREETOPS ======================================= While the  professional portion of the Par-3 Shootout is on hiatus for this year, in search of a long time sponsor, Rick Smith's  famous Threetops is still busy at work. This past week they held the first $10,000 “High Five” version of the tournament.  Golfers had the opportunity to win a prize on every hole during the same two-day period that the professional tournament was held. Among the gifts available for a hole-in-one, were  speaker systems, pro lessons, resort golf packages, a car and $10,000.  While no one "Trevinoed" a hole, it still created a lot of interest and participation. I met a Wisconsin couple that had seen the tournament on television and made this visit their anniversary present. They took the ferry across Lake Michigan and drove to Treetops to spend three days golfing, with one of the courses selected being Threetops.   Kevin McKinley, Director of Golf at Treetops, put the project together.  The personable McKinley, took over the reins when former head professional, Scott Head returned to Hawaii this year.  One of McKinley's events was a successful Amazing Race at Treetops, held this winter. http://michigangolfer.tv/miskier/season_6/amazingrace/ For those of you, that would like to participate in a Par-3 Shootout, they have the Par-3 Amateur Shootout on the Labor Day Weekend, this year's dates following on Friday, August 31 to Sunday, September2.   http://www.treetops.com/index.php?method=golf&subpage=par3amateur September 23-25 are the dates for  the 20th anniversary of the popular Pepsi Fall Charity Invitational http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/treetops/  This Invitational traditionally attracts 350 to 400 golfers. ====================== WILL WEBER FOLLOW UP ====================== In a follow up to last week's story, Will Weber, Gaylord hockey standout and son of Golf Mecca icon, Dick Weber, was chosen in the second round of the NHL draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets.  This Wednesday, the Herald Times ran a big story about their new home town hero.  The town is a buzz and everybody is happy for Will and the entire Weber clan. Great kid. Great news. Great story. Cheers.  ================================================================== MEIJER TO SPONSOR 2007 LPGA PRO AM AT HIGHLAND GOLF CLUB-JULY 16 ================================================================== Lady Links Golf Management has enlisted  Meijer, Inc as the title sponsor of the former Greater Grand Rapids Charity Pro Am. The 2007 event, now the Meijer Charity Classic, is a one-day pro-am featuring 21 LPGA touring professionals. The scramble-format tournament will be held on Monday, July 16, 2007 at the Grand Rapids Elks, Home of the Highlands Golf Club. The pro-am, which pairs four-member amateur teams with an LPGA playing professional, begins with a shotgun start at 10:30 a.m. The day closes with an awards dinner and auction for the professionals and amateurs. Mike Nichols, LPGA Vice President of Tournament Business Affairs will be at the Meijer Charity Classic, and will speak briefly about the future of the LPGA at the awards dinner. Nichols is the former director of the PGA Senior Tour event that was held in Grand Rapids for many years. Lady Links Golf Management, LLC was founded in 2004 with the aim of establishing a golf event that is one of the top charitable sporting events in Michigan and with the goal of bringing a full-scale LPGA tournament to Grand Rapids within the near future.  http://www.elkshighlands.com/ ========================== JULY IS FAMILY GOLF MONTH ========================== With demand for family time identified as one of the top barriers keeping people from either playing the game or playing more of it, Play Golf America promotes golf as the perfect recreation for families to participate in together. Throughout “July is Family Golf Month”, participating facilities will offer programs, including Family Golf Clinics and Family Golf Play Days for a nominal fee along with Kids Play Free promotions.  These programs provide a structured, yet casual opportunity for families to learn and play the game of golf together and promote golf as a regular family recreation activity for all participants.   Taken and edited from a Tammy Boclair release. ============================================================= MSU WORKING ON HYBRID DISEASE AND DROUGHT RESISTANCE GRASSES ============================================================= In the future, people who care for and enjoy using golf courses, sports fields and parks may be able to worry less about how cold weather and drought affect the grass at their favorite recreational areas. With the development of new turfgrass hybrids by Suleiman Bughrara, professor in the Michigan State University Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, the turfgrass industry may grow greener and stronger than ever before.  Since beginning his work in 1999, Bughrara has blazed new trails--or, sometimes, frozen them. Bughrara completed a comprehensive snow mold study of more than 4,000 cloned varieties of creeping bentgrass by simulating winter for each plant. Twenty bentgrass varieties showed significant resistance to snow mold, one of the most detrimental diseases challenging the turfgrass industry. A follow-up study found six of the 20 snow-mold-resistant clones also showed resistance to dollar spot, the other main turf-troubling disease.  "Bentgrass has all the right characteristics of great turf but shows susceptibility to dollar spot and snow mold," Bughrara said. "We will continue our work to examine ways of crossbreeding aesthetically pleasing varieties, such as colonial bentgrass, to maximize disease resistance." His work also includes ryegrass and fescue. Working to unlock the mystery of drought tolerance, Bughrara is integrating Atlas fescue genes (from semiarid regions of Morocco) into the perennial ryegrass genome. The hybrids have shown high drought tolerance in greenhouse research. Field evaluations and molecular mapping are under way.  "This is exciting work," Bughrara said. "We are the only university in the United States doing this type of genetic work to improve cold and drought tolerance and disease resistance in turfgrass breeding."  For more, visit www.greeen.msu.edu. Taken from a GCSAA NewsWeekly release. ========================================================== BOYNE RAISES THE BAR ON MARKETING THEIR RESORT AMENITIES ========================================================== Boyne has turned up the marketing heat this year as they have taken their message to ESPN and other high profile television content providers. The commercials provide information on all of the resort amenities available to the entire family.  In an email blast, the resort has announced the following  concert season. July 22 | Randy Travis August 11 | Gin Blossoms August 25 | The Allman Brothers Band September 1 | 2nd Annual Boyne Mountain Bluegrass Festival September 7 & 8 | Ted Alexandro September 23 | Alonzo Bodden http://boyne,com ====================================== GOLF EQUIPMENT SALES INCREASE IN 2006 ====================================== Falling unit sales failed to slow the golf equipment category in 2006. Consumer purchases of golf equipment increased 6% to $3.7 billion, the second consecutive increase in the third-largest equipment category surveyed by the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA). In 2005, golf equipment sales reached $3.5 billion. An analysis of data contained in the Association s  Sporting Goods Market consumer purchases surveys shows steadily declining unit sales in the key component of the category clubs sold in sets. In 2006, consumers purchased 48.2 million clubs in sets, which accounted for $1.8 billion in sales, compared to 54.0 million clubs in 2001 and 62.7 million clubs in 1996. Higher unit prices have only recently begun to stop the decline in dollar sales. Dollar sales reached $2.0 billion in 1996 and held at the same level in 2001, despite the 13.9% decline in units. In 2003, sales hit a low of $1.45 billion on 42.5 million units and began to regain lost ground in 2004. For individual clubs not purchased in sets, unit sales dropped 19.3% between 2001 (5.7 million units) and 2006 (4.6 million), while dollar sales have risen 4.3% ($568.3 million in 2001 to $593.0 million in 2006). Golf balls showed similar behavior. Unit sales in 2006 were identical to 1996, 46.8 million dozen, while sales increased to $942.1 million in 2006 from $830.7 10 years previously, an increase of 13.4%. Sales of golf shoes have been flat during the same 10-year period. Unit sales in 2006 were 3.7 million, compared to 3.8 million in 1996. In dollars, golf shoe sales reached $232.1 million in 2006, compared to $230.6 in 1996, an increase of 0.7%. For additional information, contact Thomas B. Doyle, NSGA, 1601 Feehanville Drive, Suite 300, Mount Prospect, IL 60056-6035. Phone: (847) 296-6742, E-mail: info@nsga.org, or fax: (847) 391-9827. ============================================== SCOTT HEBERT QUALIFIES FOR PGA CHAMPIONSHIP ============================================== Scott Heber, Head Golf Professional at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa’s  Scott, recently  finished tied for 13th place in the PGA Professional National Championship at Sunriver, Oregon..  By doing so, he won a place to play in the 89th PGA Championship, Aug. 6-12, at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.   Hebert  is also scheduled  to play in this week's  Buick Open.  Thanks and a Tip of the Tam to J. Mike DeAgostino at the GTR& S for the info. http://grandtraverseresort.com ================================================ UPCOMING SHOWS ON MICHIGAN GOLFER TELEVISION ================================================ COURSES -------------- A-Ga-Ming     Sundance-Jerry Matthews     Torch-Chick Harbert Antrim Dells Golf Course-Jerry Matthews Candlestone Golf Course-W. Bruce Matthews with Mike Husby French Lick Resort-Bendelow, Ross and Dye The Emerald at Maple Creek-Jerry Matthews TOURNAMENTS AND EVENTS ---------------------------------------- Ireland's Ryder Cup-with Susan Bairley and Mike Biber 2007 Michigan Open Native American Cup III Treetops "High Five" Event INSTRUCTION -------------------- Treetops- Ladies Golf School with  Judy Mason MISCELLANEOUS ------------------------ Dave Hill Interview II-with Jack Berry Jack Berry and the PGA Lifetime Journalism Award Judd Heathcote at Eagle's Eye Grand Opening Masters Major Achievement Award with William Porter Payne and Craig Heatley Santee-Cooper Golf-with "Shot" Shuler and Bob Peebles 2008 Michigan Golf Show Preview 2008 West Michigan Golf Show Preview ================================================================= SUMMER ISSUE OF THE MICHIGAN GOLFER MAGAZINE COMING NEXT WEEK Vol 25. No. 2 http://www.michigangolfer.com/ ================================================================= CONTENTS: Sweet Summertime Michigan-by Jack Berry Chick Harbert of A-Ga-Ming--by Art McCafferty Michigan Golf Hall of Fame Class of 2007 by Jack Berry The Pohlcat PGA Connection: Pohl, LaBelle and Brehm  by Kelly Hill Catching up with Tom Gillis- by Dave Ruthenberg Where Have All The Tournaments Gone?…Long Time Passing- by Art McCafferty Quick Facts About Golf-GCSAA Slice of Life-by Terry Moore Sponsored by    Osprey Golf  http://www.golfospreyonline.com/page/290-12546.htm    Treetops Resort http://treetops.com    The Natural http://golfthenatural.com  Hemlock GC                  Harbor Springs GC  Antrim Dells GC          The Emerald at Maple Creek

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