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December 29, 2006 - Vol. 6, No. 52

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Remembering President Gerald R. Ford-by Terry Moore
Thanks for the Memories, Bob! -by Thad Gutowski
Chuck Kocsis-The Best There Ever Was- by Jack Berry
Remembering Earl Woods
Iron Byron Nelson
Western Michigan Golf Show with Carolyn Alt and Jennie McCafferty
Pine Mountain Resort-with Mike Beckman and Mike Duff


by Terry Moore

My Dad always used to say, “Jerry Ford is the best at responding to his constituents.” Whenever he wrote then Congressman Ford about an issue Dad could be assured of receiving a prompt reply. So after the preview issue of the Michigan Golfer was first published in 1982, I sent former President Ford a letter and a copy of that issue and welcomed him as a charter subscriber to our humble little golf publication. Boldly, I even inquired into the possibility of a personal interview. A few weeks passed and lo and behold I received an envelope in the mail with the unmistakable postmarked franking signature of the former President. Opening it, I found a hand-written note on official stationary. On it, Ford wrote:

Dear Terry:

Congratulations on the Michigan Golfer which I look forward to reading. The preview issue was very enjoyable. Sometime this summer I will be glad to talk with you about golf which is a wonderful game. Good luck. Warmest best wishes.

Jerry Ford

Later I contacted the President’s office in Palm Springs. At first, I received quite the royal run around about my request to set up an interview. Finally, I reminded one of his secretaries that I possessed a hand-written note from the President virtually guaranteeing access to one of his former constituents. I remained polite but very insistent on the matter. Then one day I answered the phone and it was a Ford staffer informing me that if I traveled to Beaver Creek, CO, in August an interview would be granted. Quicker than you could say “Harold Stassen,” I jumped at the opportunity and booked my flight to Colorado.

Joined by my wife Deb who also served as an able photographer, I met Ford on August 18 at his new home in Beaver Creek. I was granted thirty minutes and it passed in a flash for this nervous rookie editor. (One of my feeble lines was that “I was busy straightening my tie until I realized I wasn’t wearing one.”)

The President was most cordial and gracious and very down to earth. And he was an excellent interview, revealing several nuggets previously not well known. For example, he told me his first contact with golf was when he caddied for his father and uncle at the “old Masonic Golf Course in Grand Rapids which is now Green Ridge.

My father and uncle belonged there so Iused to caddy for them.” (I remember how gratifying it was to tell Ford that I was both a former caddie and that I grew up playing at Green Ridge.) Also, Ford related how Phil Rodgers helped him with his game. In addition to improving his chipping, Rodgers also aided Ford with his swing by getting him to follow through on a more outside path. And when asked about some of his favorite Michigan courses, he stayed “true blue” by mentioning both of the courses at University of Michigan.

Interviewing former President Gerald R. Ford was a memorable occasion for me and the Michigan Golfer. He was a decent, hardworking, and humble man who served his country with honor and distinction. And thank goodness, he always answered his mail.

Thanks for the Memories, Bob!
By Thad Gutowski

He had a different perspective of life. It may have begun from looking through his legs as a star center on MSU’s football team back in the 50’s.

Bob McCurry was a guy that made things happen! As a top marketing executive at Chrysler he changed the automobile industry forever when in 1975 he conceived the very first rebate program: Buy a Car, Get a Check! Following his retirement from Chrysler he joined Toyota which was then a minor player in the business. With his hand on the marketing wheel, Toyota became the first foreign auto-maker to sell more than one-million cars in a year: 1986. His encore to this achievement was a key role in the development and introduction of the Lexus, which soon became the number one luxury brand in the country.

Those of us who have been around for awhile remember Bob’s personal contributions to the Detroit area golf scene: the annual Police Athletic League Tournament. For a half-dozen years in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the one-day J.P.McCarthy Celebrity Tourney at Wabeek Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, featured most of the games stars: Nicklaus, Trevino, Palmer, Player, Rodriguez and a host of others. Each year the event drew many spectators along with a field of well-heeled participants and raised thousands of dollars for PAL and its important inner-city youth programs. Though JP was the event’s point man, it was the charisma and clout of McCurry behind the scene making most of it happen.

Bob McCurry left us on November 13th at the age of 83. But he also left his mark….on many who are still here.

By Jack Berry
Sure, we knew he was regarded asthe greatest golfer in Michigan historyand the Golf Association ofMichigan affirmed that by naminghim Golfer of the Century. AndKocsis, who died May 30 at the ageof 93, played just about the entirecentury.

Not only did Kocsis win morethan anyone, he did it over thegreatest span. He was 17 in 1930when he crushed three-time championJames D. Standish Jr., 9 and7, in the 36-hole final for the firstof his record six MichiganAmateur championships and thenhe shocked the national golf worldwhen he knocked off "GreatestGame Ever Played" FrancisOuimet in the first round of theU.S. Amateur at Merion Golf Club.

Kocsis nailed his second giantof the game when he was 18. Hedefeated 1927 U.S. Open and 1931British Open champion TommyArmour in the 1931 MichiganOpen playoff, the first of his threeMichigan Open titles.

He played on Walker Cup teamsin three different decades, 1938,1949 and 1957, was low amateurin the 1934 and 1937 U.S. Opensand competed in nine Masters tournaments.He was runnerup toHarvie Ward in the 1956 U.S.Amateur.

And he was 60 years old whenhe decided to enter the 1973United States Amateur at theInverness Club in Toledo. Sixty. Ina championship dominated by collegiatestars on their way to thePGA Tour. Gary Koch, BillKratzert, Danny Edwards, AndyBean, John Fought and CraigStadler were in the field.

But Kocsis, who didn't reallylike match play, won his first twomatches, 4-2 and 6-4, and lost toStewart Alexander (who'd eliminatedBean), 1-up, when Alexanderholed a long putt on the 18thgreen. It was an incredible performanceby the Red Run GolfClub super senior.

When I think of Kocsis I thinkof the title of a John Wayne movie,The Quiet Man. Or an advertisingline, The Quiet Assassin. As wellas being Michigan's greatest golferhe also was Michigan's MostUnassuming Champion.

Actually, he was something of aboring golfer. He wasn't a TigerWoods or Phil Mickelson, hittingshots out of the woods. Or SeveBallesteros, hitting from the carpark. Or Arnold Palmer, slashingand crashing.

Chuck played a game unfamiliarto most folks, and one we'd sellour souls for fairways andgreens, like a metronome.

Interestingly, Byron Nelson,relating the tale of his 11 straightvictories in 1945, wrote "I hadpeople tell me it was boring towatch me play, people get tired ofthat. They want to see you hit it inthe woods, a bunker or water, andthen knock it out and make bunchesof birdies. My way was fairwaysand greens. Keep it straight,keep it safe and capitalize on asmany birdie putts as possible."

The two great fairways andgreens proponents met in a roundat Red Run and Kocsis shot 32 onthe front to Nelson's 34. Nelsonput his arm around Kocsis as theywent to the 10th tee and said "Noamateur's going to beat me."Kocsis responded with a 34 backnine for 66. Nelson shot 30 for 64.

Bob McMasters joined the RedRun caddie ranks in 1943 andstarted caddying for Kocsis in thelate 1940s.

"He won the Michigan Open in1945 and he was a legend," saidMcMasters who grew up tobecome one of Kocsis's closestfriends. "But he'd play with anybodyat the club, choppers andgood players.

"He won the club invitational10 times and no time did he havea partner who was better than a 10handicap. I did like to caddie forthe guests in the invitational,they usually were big tippers.

"Chuck was thrifty, he wasn't abig tipper and caddies were thinkingabout buying cars and takingout girls and they were lookingfor big tips. But I liked caddyingfor him. It was easy. He'd hit 15,16 greens and never asked whatclub to use. He wasn't really communicative.You followed the threerules of caddying: show up, keepup and shut up.

"I was getting into playing andwatching him was like getting a lesson,especially bunker shots. He'd get his shag bag and we'd go out to16 as long as no one was there andevery shot was around the cup. It was easy to pick them up."

Red Run's roster was filled withlow handicappers and it wasknown for big money games butMcMasters said Kocsis neverplayed for money although othersbet on him.
Red Run members, includingKocsis, started the 72-holeMichigan Medal Play tournamentin the late 1950s. Kocsis enteredsix times. He won each time andsome grumbled why bother toenter if Kocsis was going to winall the time.
But Kocsis didn't play a lot oforganized senior golf. He won theInternational Seniors atGleneagles, Scotland, three timesand once used the same ball thewhole way, just for the kick of it.

"I'm mad he didn't play seniorgolf," said Glenn Johnson, fivet imeMichigan Amateur championand a Michigan Golf Hall of Famemember as is Kocsis. "He had suchan amazing record that he could'vewon a lot more in senior golf andthere are a lot of stroke play tournaments.

"I beat Chuck twice in teamevents. Bill Prew and I were partnersand Chuck was playing a 27-handicapper. I was just gettinginto golf and he looked at me onthe first tee and I think hethought he'd give me a lesson.He birdied the first five holes.But we combined for eight underpar and they were seven under,all on Kocsis birdies.

"The other time he was playingwith Jimmy Nick who hadn't donea thing all day but he holed a bigbirdie on 17 and they were celebrating.But then I holed a 20-footeron top of him and we eventuallywon on the first extra hole.

"I was second to him in theMichigan Medal Play at Western,he won by eight shots," Johnsonsaid, laughing.

Kocsis kept playing, though,right up to the end and was a lunchregular at Pine Trace and Red Run.McMasters frequently got him to play at top courses out of town. "Charlie was quiet if there weremore than six people around but ifit was just a few of you he'd regaleyou with stories. One time wewere set to go to Columbus andplay Muirfield Village. The weatherseemed iffy but I called ClaytonHoskins, a director of the WesternGolf Association (McMasters is apast WGA president), and he said, "C'mon, we don't baby thiscourse." We got there and it saidCourse Closed. I told the pro I'dbrought my friend Chuck Kocsisand we were told you don't babythe course. The pro said "We don't.But Jack Nicklaus just called andsaid "Close it."

"Just then a guy sitting in achair said "I know that name(Kocsis). It was Phil Rodgerswho'd been working with Nicklauson his short game. Chuck andRodgers talked for an hour,"McMasters said.The Quiet Man's record spokevolumes.

This is a reprint of an article Jack Berry wrote for our summer Michigan Golfer issue. Chuck Kocsis-The Best There Ever Was-Jack Berry

We also have a very special video of Mr. Kocsis, that was taped a few years ago.

A few years ago, Earl Woods appeared at the Eagle Crest Resort in Ypsilanti, as a guest speaker at a Washtenaw Chamber of Commerce speaker series. The packed house was rewarded by a thoughtful presentation by Woods, much of it centered around the father and son relationship he had with Tiger. His death and the subsequent coverage brought this very special relationship into sharper focus for many of us. I know the media coverage caused me to think about my own relationship with my father and now, the one I have with my son. It also reminded us about how short our time here is and how we must cherish it and use it wisely..

Byron Nelson's Michigan presence primarily came through his television commentary, but there were a couple of occasions where he set foot on our soil. In Jack Berry's article he writes about how Chuck Kocsis almost beat him at Red Run. "The two great fairways andgreens proponents met in a roundat Red Run and Kocsis shot 32 onthe front to Nelson's 34. Nelsonput his arm around Kocsis as theywent to the 10th tee and said "Noamateur's going to beat me."Kocsis responded with a 34 backnine for 66. Nelson shot 30 for 64."

Nelson was honored in the 90's, by Everett Kircher, who selected him for one of the honorees at his Monument course. MG scribe, Terry Moore, remembers the event. "I was fortunate to have met this icon and consummate gentleman several times over the past decade or so. The first time was in the early ‘90s when he was honored at The Monument at Boyne Mountain. I’ll always remember Lord Byron watching pro Ronnie Black hit tight little draws during a practice session. And the last time was at the Masters when I got up early to watch him for the ceremonial tee shot. And to think it all started with the 14-year-old Nelson beating fellow caddy Ben Hogan in a caddie tournament in Fort Worth."

Finally some thoughts from the staff at Golf Digest: "Even when he needed two canes and portable oxygen to get around, as was the case prior to his death from natural causes Sept. 26 at 94, there remained a quiet vitality about Byron Nelson. Decades after Lord Byron dominated golf's tournament stage in a singular fashion and departed it without so much as a long bow, he endured like a historic building on a redeveloped block. Into his 90s he could crisply describe shots from the '30s or '40s, a recall that was only part of the reason today's stars felt privileged to know one of the men who had paved the way, why they cherished the notes he penned to them after wins, or losses, or on birthdays. Nelson was a link to a bygone time, a reminder that quality -- through deeds that make headlines or gestures that make friends -- travels well."Taken from http://www.golfdigest.com/newsandtour/index.ssf?/newsandtour/gw20061208newsmakers2.html

West Michigan Golf Show
The West Michigan Golf Show is just a little more than a month away, and we have just put up some of the excitement that we captured last year. Also, for those folke that have not been there before, this is a great way to get an idea of what you will experience once there. Our show host, Jennie McCafferty, interviews Carolyn Alt about the show and our cameras show you all the excitement.

Pine Mountain Resort
This past fall, we were the guests of Pine Mountain GM Rick Gregorio and golf professional, Susie Fox and the opportunity to capture the excitement of this storied resort. The properties are now joined again, after spending some years under separate leadership. Our hosts, Mike Duff and Mike Beckman discuss the resort, the new ski trails, the Izzo Mariucci Golf Classic, Timberstone, their 5 star Golf Digest rating and all of the new things that are happening there.

The Michigan Golfer Magazine's winter issue, presents dozens and dozens of Top 10 lists for your reading pleasure. These lists are culled from the web, compiled by our staff or submitted by our readers.


The Otsego Club is sold to the Osprey Management Group, thus ending five decades of Gornick familyownership Tiger shoots four rounds of 66 to win his 50th PGA golf tournament at the Buick Open. Scott Hebert joins Grand Traverse Resort & Spa team and wins Michigan Open the same week. Michigan Golf Hall of Fame inductsRaymond Bolo, Thomas Chisholm,John Grace,John Morse andJeanne Myers Chuck Kocsis, one of Michigan's greatest golfers, dies. Eagle Eye is selected as MGCOA's golf course of the year TPC Seniors folds its hospitality tents, joining the Bay MillsOpen, Ann Arbor Bank Futures Golf Classic and the Farmers Charity Classic as defunct tournaments. The Heather at Boyne Highlands Turns 40 Bill Paxton visits Birmingham to preview his great golf film, "The Greatest Game Ever Played". "Thomas 'Tom' Bendelow: The Johnny Appleseed of American Golf", is published by Williams and Company. Written by his grandson, Stuart Bendelow, the book highlights the prolific golf course design career of Bendelow, who hadhis imprint on 53 Michigan courses.

It has been quite a journey since we put up our first Internet golf video in 2001. At the time, we were the second Internet Television Network in the world, with Pseudo.com being the first. They have since gone the way of the dot com bust of 2001, leaving our network as the oldest one in the world. Kinda neat, actually.

After more than 200 shows, we have found out much about this new media and we are sharing this knowledge with our clients. The GLSP Internet Television Network had 1.4 million viewers watching videos on our five channels; Michigan Golfer Television, Michigan Skier Television, Michigan Travel Television, Michigan Runner Television and our newest channel, Running Canada Television. Here is a break down of our traffic from November 30, 2005 to December 1, 2006. As always, thanks for watching.

4,048 Buck's Run Golf Course with Jerry Matthews
3,481 Boyne Video Gallery
1,083 The 2nd AnnualNative American Cup
939 Hawk's Eye Golf Course with John Robinson
718 The Crystal Mountain Golf School with Brad Dean
683 Big Break Star,Bart Lower is Interviewed by Terry Moore
653 Bill Shelton onCarolina Golf
610 MGCOA League Championship Preview with Kate Moore
528 Chuck Kocsis: The Best There Ever Was with Jack Berry
525 MWGA Celebrates its 20th Anniversary at Washtenaw CC
524 50 States and 50 Rounds with the Healeys
508 Gary Wiren at Kingsley Club with Jack Berry
458 2006 Michigan Open with Jack Berry
367 Jerry Matthews Video Gallery
306 First Tee at Boyne Highlands
287 MGCOA League Championship

9,327 2006Golf Package Previews with Individual show breakdown-
Guests Interviewed byThad Gutowski
2,292 True North
404 Fox Hills
394 Traverse City
409 Greywalls wth Marc Gilmore
373 Timber Ridge
351 Kings Challenge with Chuck Olson
342 Swan Lake
341 Alberta Golf
336 Lakewood Shores with Craig Peters
334 Walnut Creek
333 Otsego Club with Mark Hogan
317 Garland
313 Manistee National GC with Doug Bell
307 Elk Ridge GC with Scott Landau
297 Prince Edward Island Golf
292 Wild Bluff GC
284 Greystone GC
287 Tullymore GC
259 Grand Hotel
247 Grand HavenGC

15,205 The Loon GC-Course architect, Mike Husby is the host.
6,761 Michigan Golf Hall of Fame-Jack Berry is our host
5,697 Ryder Cup: We bring you the sounds and excitement of the 2004 matches
5,414 Bay Mills Open : The final BMO tournament.
5,193 Timberstone GC:Jerry Matthews is our host.
4,878 The Natural GC: Larry Bowden and Jerry Matthews host the show.
4,556 Jack Berry and Ireland Golf- Five shows
4,212 The Majestic at Lake Walden: Bill Fountain and Jerry Matthews host the show.
4,184 Native American Cup-Notah Begay is the tournament's special guest
3,947 18th Pepsi Fall Charity-Scott Head tells us all about this great Michigan tournament
3,828 2005 Michigan Open
3,439 True North GC: with Jack Berry and course architect, Jim Engh
2,927 MGCOA League Championship
2,241Michigan Golf Show Preview
2,153 Red Hawk GC with Arthur Hills
2,098 West Michigan Golf Show
1,911 Bay Mills Open Preview
1,652 Christiana CC-Paul Albanese creates bunkers with Belgian horses.
1,650 The Greatest Game : Mike Shiels interviews film director, Bill Paxton.
1,406 Ben Davis-Michigan Golf Hall of Fame member
1,374 Arnold Palmer Turning Point: 50th Anniversary of Palmer's U.S. Amateur win
1,372Michigan Golf Show
1,296 Tony Jacklin-The Concession
1,284 Jim Flick: Legendary golf instructor is interviewed by Terry Moore
1,228 Walter Hagen in Traverse City :The Haig looks back at his memories of TC
1,226Michigan PGA Championship
703 Indian River Golf


Our high traffic shows on the Michigan Golfer Television Channel continue to be in the areas of golf getaways, golf packages and out state travel. As was the case last year, the Michigan Golfer cameras will be available at both the West Michigan and Michigan Golf Shows. We will be available to prepare a 1-2 minute video of your property, your 2007 golf packages or a special event coming to your facility.

If interested, drop Thad Gutowski a line at thad@acd.net and we will schedule you for a shoot in our booth or yours. Prices start at $395.


8,144 Ryder Cup History with Bill Shelton and "The Haig"
5,479 2004 Bay Mills Open
2,508 Mike Tirrico at the GAM
2,438 Jeff Daniels Comedy Golf Jam
2,413 Tom Bendelow:Golf Architect Pioneer with Stuart Bendelow and Bart Lower
2,398 Dave Hill-Ryder Cup Memories with Jack Berry
1,727 Sundance GC-Preview with Jerry Matthews
1,701 Angels Crossing Preview
1,598 Michigan Golf Show Preview withLaurie McCann
1,593 Upper Peninsula Golf
1,561 Jack Saylor: A Memorial Show
1,509 Art Hills/Steve Forrest and the Michigan Golf Trail
1,446 London Golf and Travel Show
1,430 Jackson Area Golf
1,423 PGA Merchandise Show
1,380 The Majestic at Lake Walden: An Interview with Bill Fountain
1,398 Michigan and the Ryder Cup-Kevin Frisch
1,394 The Tom Izzo and Steve Mariucci Classic
1,321 Rick Smith and the Big Break Television Show with Vanessa Bell
1,305 WalterHagen and his Memories of Cadillac
1,078 Ireland, the K Club and the 2006 Ryder Cup: A preview
1,301 Rose Creek GC with Arthur Hills and Steve Forrest
1,392 Bank of Ann Arbor Futures Golf Classic with Vanessa Bell
1,221 Travel Michigan Golf Promotion
1,108 Jon Maddern President of the Golf Superintendents Association
1,135 Gene Sarazen & Shell's Wonderful World of Golf with Vanessa Bell
1,163 Bay Mills Open Preview
1,118 Craig Stadler and the Senior Players Tournament
1,128 Michigan PGA COOKen Devine and his Last Hurrah with Jack Berry
1,108 Ryder Cup Captain's Challenge at DGC with Lee Woodruff
1,078 Dick Weber Memorial Tournament
1,008 Mike Shiels and "Works of Art": a book on the courses of Arthur Hills/Steve Forrest
932 Michigan PGA at Shanty Creek Resort
838 Barona Valley Golf & Casino Resort-California Golf

37,432 Golf and Stay Packages - a montage of great golf courses
9,811 Out State Getaways
9,751 Michigan Golf Real Estate
8,249 Preview of New Golf Courses
7,158 Trumbull County- Lots of golf in this Ohio community
5,984 Walter Hagen and the Ryder Cup
5,505 The Caddies of French Lick -Great stories from a fabled golf destination
3,625 2003 Bay Mills Open
3,339 Golf Book Reviews
3,008 Ontario Golf
2,650 Bay Mills Open Preview with Judy Mason
2,007 Michigan Golf Hall of Fame
1,915 The Bull of Pinehurst Farms with Jack Nicklaus
1,902 Women's Michigan Open with Vanessa Bell
1,861 Golf Schools and Academies
1,791 Bank of Ann Arbor Futures Golf Classic with Vanessa Bell
1,787 Art Hills and the Rennovation of Inverness
1,731 David Graham of the GAM
1,708 Western Amateur
1,696 Harley and Greg Hodges: A history of their courses
1,685 The Michigan Open
1,664 London Golf and Travel Expo
1,660 Ray Hearn and Paul Albanese: golf course architects and their philosophies
1,654 Dave Pelz Short Game
1,654 The Haig Tournament at Elmbrook GC in TC
1,603 Mississippi Golf with Bill Shelton
1,569 Golf Reporters: Tim Hygh, and Jack Berry
1,566 PGA Merchandise Show with Vanessa Bell
1,500 The Haig at Cadillac
1,496 8th AnnualJeff Daniels Comedy Golf Jam
1,494 Dave Richards and Ray Hearn Interview with Bill Shelton
1,331 Indiana Golf Hall of Fame
1,274 Ken Devine, COO, Michigan PGA
1,091 Vanessa Bell, Sam Fullerton and International Golf
1,087 Art Hills Michigan Golf Trail

3,725 A Tour of Wild Bluff with course architect, Mike Husby
3,379 The Natural wirh Larry Bowden
3,050 The Preserve Golf Course: An Arnold Palmer course
2,681 Scott Hebert Wins the Michigan Open
2,575 A New Nine atPheasant Run GC with Steve Forrest and Bill Shelton
2,475 Golf ConneX
2,399 New Course Previews: The Tribute, Hemlock and Tullymore
2,317 Hidden River Breast Cancer Tournament with Darin Philport
2,221 Ken Allard Wins Michigan PGA at Shanty Creek
2,181 Indiana Golf
2,118 Arnold Palmer talks about "The Haig" at the Treetops Par-3 Shootout
2,023 West Michigan Golf
2,021 New Course Preview: Hawk's Eye and Hawk's Ridge
2,008 Quail Chase GC: a fine Kentucky course
1,943 Timberstone GC with Suzie Fox
1,931 Book Author Interviews:Dennis Walters and David Joy
1,895 Book Autor Interviews" Don Wade and Bradley Klein
1,881 Golfing Ontario with Phil Winch
1,879 Fall Golf with Peter Fitzsimmons
1,875 Sandhills Golf- North Carolina
1,799 Northern Indiana Golf
1,769 The Golf Reporters: Tim Hygh and Bill Shelton
1,706 Craig Brass, author of "How to Quit Golf": interviewed by Bill Shelton
1,620 Michaywe Golf Course with Don White
1,615 2002 Bay Mills Open
1,604 Michigan Golf Real Estate Pheasant Ridge and Birchwood Farms


Our high traffic shows on the Michigan Golfer Television Channel continue to be in the areas of golf getaways, golf packages and out state travel. As was the case last year, the Michigan Golfer cameras will be available at both the West Michigan and Michigan Golf Shows. We will be available to prepare a 1-2 minute video of your property, your 2007 golf packages or a special event coming to your facility.

If interested, drop Thad Gutowski a line at thad@acd.net and we will schedule you for a shoot in our booth or yours. Prices start at $395.


19,058 GAM Women's Senior Championship
6,509 Robert Trent Jones: A three part series of shows with the Great One
3,167 Keith Gornick and The Tribute
2,710 Garland Celebrates its 50th Anniversary-Jim McIntrye and Ron Otto
2,665 Rick Robbins and The Tribute
2,668 Wild Bluff Jr. Golf Academy with Bill Shelton and Mike Husby
2,213 Michigan Golfer TV Debuts: First show announced on WJR's Internet Advisor Show
2,175 Jack Berry on the Majors
2,057 Ray Hearn on Moose Ridge
1,987 Mike Husby on Golf Architecture
1,957 Jack Berry: Detroit Golf
1,884 Susan Bairley on Women's Golf
1,818 MGCOA Summer Meeting
1,752 W. Bruce Matthews III on Golf Architecture
1,794 Southern Indiana Golf
1,777 Judy Mason on Women's Golf Instruction
1,777 Ray Hearn on Golf Architecture
1,775 W. Bruce Matthews with W. Bruce Matthews III and Bill Shelton
1,769 TheGarland Fire with Barry Owens
1,680 Ken Devine and the Michigan PGA
1,653 MGCOA Annual Meeting
1,629 Jack Berry: The Ryder Cup
1,615 The Scott Family of Gull Lake View
1,434 Michigan Golf Real Estate
1,381 Thad Gutowski on Club Making
1,280 William Newcomb on Golf Architecture
1,272 Steve Kircher on Boyne Development

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01/25-27 PGA Merchandise Show
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02/2-4 2nd Annual Hamilton Golf Show, Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, Ontario
Web: http://golf-show.com
02/9-11 London Golf Show,
Web: http://golf-show.com
Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2004shows/show3/index.html
02/9-11 West Michigan Golf Show, Devos Place, Grand Rapids
Web: http://westmichigangolfshow.com
Video: http://michigangolfer.tv/2005shows/wmgs/index.html
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