Five Tips to Picking the Right Clubs For You

When it comes to picking golf clubs, getting the right equipment is an essential part to your success on the course. It shouldn’t be a quick choice, but rather one you put a lot of research and time into. In our article, we provide you with five tips to consider for picking the right clubs so you will maximize your potential on the golf course.

1. Clubs For Your Skill Level

There are clubs for beginners out there, clubs for intermediates, clubs for scratch-golfers, and then clubs for professionals. Know what your level is and pick a club that suits your level. Beginner clubs tend to be more forgiving with shafts that don’t penalize bad shots as much as other clubs. However, you can’t do certain things with beginner clubs as well as you can more advanced clubs, such as shaping your shots the right way or maximizing your distance on drivers and irons. As your skill level improves, you will want to upgrade your equipment so you’re hitting further shots and shaping more shots.

2. Picking a Driver that suits you

One of the most important decisions a golfer makes is the driver. This sometimes is bought separately or as part of the package. Don’t ever buy a set of clubs if you’re not comfortable with the driver. This is the most used club in the bag next to the putter. You need to find a driver that is comfortable in your hands. If you’re someone who doesn’t like big heads or heavy drivers, don’t pick one a set that has one of these as it can make it harder to come around on the ball.

Also, test drivers out with low loft and high loft. The loft of the club dictates how much air you want on your drives. Some like the low loft drivers because they roll out more, while others like hitting it higher because it suits their swing and they feel they get more distance on it. Also, if you’re someone who pulls the ball a lot, there are drivers out there that are geared towards cut shots, just like vice versa there’s those that support draws.

3. Know the brands and types of golf clubs

Make sure you research the different brands, such as Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made, and others to know what each brand’s strengths and weaknesses are, as well as beginning, intermediate, and expert clubs they have. Also, research the different types of shafts as this important to how you hit your shots. Some prefer steel shaft clubs which are more heavier and durable while graphites tend to be a little lighter. Look also to see what is included in the different types of clubs you shop for as some only give you six clubs while others have many more.

Also, your height makes a big difference. If you’re really tall, it may be uncomfortable with a small club. There are golf clubs out there for big players so be sure to look at these.

4. The Putter

Picking the right putter is one of the most important decisions, along with the driver. Putters come in all different sizes, head shapes, and styles. The goal when picking the right putter is picking one that you are most comfortable with bringing the club back and through the ball as straight as possible without any wiggle movement. For some golfers, this is a lighter putter, while for others, it’s a heavier one. At many golf shops, you can test these putters out on their store putting green. They will also have big putters which are okay to use, although they’re illegal on the PGA Tour if you anchor it. Also, pick a grip that is comfortable on your hands. There are thick grips out there as well as thin ones.

5. Trial and Error

If you know a golf shop around you that allows you to rent golf clubs, take advantage of it. Many times you’ll try it in the store and it feels great, but on the driving range or course, it doesn’t do what you want. It’s best to test these clubs out first by renting them. This way you will get a feel for the style of clubs that suits you best.