Golf Resources for Women in Michigan

Golf Resources for Women in Michigan

Golf has a rich history in America. Not only is it a well-known social event with physical and mental benefits, but it’s also fiercely competitive for both men and women. Some of the most beautiful golf attractions for women are here in Michigan.

Who Likes To Play Golf?

Golf is not an easy game, but it can be relatively simple. Like chess, it’s challenge is classic. Although golf is easy to learn, becoming a master can take years of practice. For this reason, many people find it meditative as well as competitive.

Golf has many physical benefits. According to Golf Monthly, typical round of golf can burn around 1400 calories. While golf is one of the more graceful sports, it can be an intense physical activity. From carrying a golf bag to swinging and walking, heart rate can be easily elevated. Burning calories and increasing blood flow are just two of the physical improvements that golf can cause. Building muscle is also a naturally occurring phenomenon when playing a regular game.

Since golf is played outside, the added benefit of being in nature is often found on the course. Getting adequate fresh air while being in nature has been shown to boost mental health. It can improve the quality and length of sleep as well as increase levels of endorphins and serotonin. Women who play golf as part of an on-going routine can help both mind and body to feel calm, relaxed and fit.

Golf In Michigan

There are many opportunities for women to play golf in Michigan. The Professional Golfers Association of America’s Michigan section hosts the Women’s Open Champion in June of 2020. This event attracts current LPGA players as well as top amateurs and club professionals from around the world. The Mountain Ridge course is used for the three-round championship. For women who are interested in playing golf in the Michigan area, there are several programs available.

Women’s Golf Programs in Michigan

Women’s golf scholarships are available in the state of Michigan for interested student athletes.

5 Top colleges with women’s golf programs

– Adrian College
– Calvin University
– Lake Superior State University
– Grand Valley State University
– Eastern Michigan University

College is not a requirement for those who want to learn how to play golf. For women who are interested in other alternatives, Michigan has plenty. The Women Only Three-Day Golf School is designed specifically for women. Whether you’re interested in a full-swing or short game, instructors can help you practice on the course to teach the best strategies. This course is over twelve hours of on and off the course instruction. The course is taught at Crystal Mountain and is open to golfers of all levels.

The Women’s Golf Clinic offers classes to women who want relatively small class sizes with PGA instruction. Participants have access to all practice facilities as well as an electric cart to play on the Stonebridge Golf Course. For a social gathering after the class is finished, the Women’s Golf Clinic offers wine and cheese.

The Golf Academy At The Meadows was recently named among the 25 top golf courses in Michigan. They have hosted several NCAA events on their beautiful courses. Starting in 1996, they have hosted the NCAA DII Women’s National Championships for 1998, 2002, 2006, 2011 and 2015. In addition to their classes, they offer golf outing packages that include access to the Meadows’ “Hole in One” event.

Golf Equipment For Women

There are a number of different shops that sell golf equipment in Michigan. Leading Edge Golf carries apparel for all ages from leading brands. For the mid-Michigan region, this shop carries equipment for all levels of players. For golf clubs by Bridgestone, Callaway, PXG, Srixon, Ping and more, they carry a wide variety of gear.

For discounted prices, Royal Oak Golf shop sells clubs, balls, shoes and bags. They have been around for over 30 years and have a trusted reputation. Not only do they sell golf equipment, but they can also repair, extend, shorten or regrip faulty or old equipment. Royal Oak Golf shop is located in Detroit.


Golfing is one of the most rewarding sports to play. To build better posture, confidence and health, women as well as men have benefited greatly from time spent on the course. To experience some of the most beautiful courses in the United States, visiting Michigan is a must.